Thursday, December 24, 2009


this year my christmas has been a little less traditional (but, SANTA comes tomorrow!) instead of watching a christmas story, i'm falling in love with 500 days of summer, blogging & looking back at the best celeb fashion for 2009. oh, & there are oatmeal raisin cookies :) not a bad night. these are some of my '09 favorites.

sienna miller in a bold mini.

LOVE vanessa hudgens' booties.

blake livley embracing her cold-shoulder.

wish i had either of these dresses for new year's!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

summer daydreaming

savannah is rarely fazed by winter chills, being in the southeastern u.s. but, yesterday was a particularly gloomy day that put me in a particularly gloomy mood. i miss summer...
i crave the golden rays & that feeling of warm, gritty sand between my toes.
whether sailing or sitting, these boats always make me feel at home

sunsets are unbeatable & vitamin D is abundant. life is always seems better in the sun.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

it's the holidays, folks

living in a downtown loft apartment makes it difficult to fit a christmas tree (and depressing). but the grand city of athens, ga, has been so kind as to oblige us with christmas lights strung all through the tree tops downtown. the weather has been bitter cold discouraging any kind of cute outfits that don't include fuzzy socks & oversize sweaters. my saturday was spent eating milk & cookies & watching lovely holiday movies. here are some of my favorites. grab a blanket & enjoy the spirit of christmas. love actually, even my macho guy friends love it.
the wind chimes still give me chills.

the holiday, jude law...need i say more? great music.

home alone, the original. such a lovable kid. and a great score behind it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

everyday dress up

you know you've played dress up in you mom's closet at least once in your life...don't lie. i still do! this is a photo from my article in Little Red Book. if you never have, try exploring the dark corners of your mom & even your grandma's attics. So fun.
i found this floral stitched clutch & blue silk dress in my grandma's closet. apparently she had quite the fashionable past i never knew about.
the ring was my mom's. absolute favorite & i wear it everyday. her best friend of 20 years designed it for her with 8 diamonds that were once pairs of earings from 4 of her ex-boyfriends (she was a bit of a man-eater in her youth from what i hear!). a great reminder for me of loyalty & love between girlfriends :)
since i'm now in need of new (technically old, but i prefer "vintage") interior nick-nacks, i plan on rummaging through some more of my attic when i get home for christmas break. you never know what's inside some of those dusty boxes..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

DONE :o)

this is me! in front of all of my drawings for my fall semester. literal sweat was poured into this class & i cannot believe it's over. bittersweet, but sweet all the same.

things i'll never forget...

"Pressure can do one of two things: break a pipe or make a diamond"

after breaking someone down, you have to be able to build them back up.

be happy in your work!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

still digesting...

since i'm still nearly as stuffed as our thanksgiving bird was on thursday, this will be a lazy post.

just a survey i found from nylon.

1. This Thanksgiving, I ate too much: sweet potato everything.

2. The movie we watched (on TV or at the cinema) was: Home Alone :)

3. I think “Black Friday” is lame but I still really want to buy: a leather skirt.

4. The celeb I’d most want at Thanksgiving dinner is: um, Rob Pattinson of course

5. The song I play when I’m finally alone without all the guests and relatives around is: this holiday, Satellite Heart by Anya Maria.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

giving thanks for cheese

with thanksgiving a mere four days away, i've already scanned the food network & martha stewart websites relentlessly looking for mouthwatering recipes to share with my family. last year i tried one of my french favorites, cassoulet (if you haven't tried cassoulet, it's a white bean casserole-type dish that is to die for). this year, i'm taking a more state-side approach with ina garten's grown up mac & cheese.

as if mac & cheese needed help, she's added 3 different cheeses...

i can give thanks to that anyday.

images via: food network

Friday, November 20, 2009

think PINK!

my comittment phobia often gets me into trouble, especially when it comes to interior decorating (a new love of mine). i was the girl who always had a "themed" room growing up. sunflowers, stars, hawaiian, egyptian, even breakfast at tiffany's. the list goes on & on. after seeing this Parisian office, i may just have to update my entire apartment.

images via: The Selby

Thursday, November 19, 2009

i'm addicted

sad, but true. i spend more time than i like to admit on my computer. hours seem like minutes when there's so much to look at. i'm addicted to & the impeccable online catologs of athropologie & j. crew.

what's my latest addiction? the images created by danny roberts.

scrolling through his fashion-inspired art makes any rainy day passable.

can you guess the notorious supermodel in the portrait below?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little Red Book

I attended the launch party of the most fabulous little student-run fashion magazine last night, Little Red Book. Lady GaGa was blaring & all the cool kids were dancing. The pictures & the styling are incredible & really showcase college style in Athens, Georgia. I also wrote an article for LRB called "Everyday Dress-up" about nostalgia pieces that I've inherited from my mom & grandma. :o) The entire staff is truely talented & pumped out an awesome issue.

Monday, November 16, 2009

a case of the mondays

a very monday appropriate quote:

sometimes in life you have to pass through the alright to get to the wonderful.

only 4 more days until neighborhood bike riding in savannah..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Feelings

It's November 6th in Athens, GA & for the first time this month it may actually feel like fall outside. The leaves are changing colors, melting off of trees & crunching underneath my feet. The air is crisp, clean & cold. If this was the extent of winter weather I would be more than satisfied. Even though i'm only 4 hours north of my hometown of Savannah, GA, winters feel worlds different. In Savannah, sandals are considered a seasonless staple regardless of the weather and anything below 50 degrees feels like it's breaking some ungodly rule of southern climate. With the change of season in mind, this is the day I'm beginning my first blog. New weather, new hobby. I'll be rambling hopelessly about collegiate life, everyday troubles of twenty-something year olds, food, drink, family, friends, travel (if I'm lucky), school, hopes, dreams, yada yada...I'm off to enjoy this gorgeous Fall weather. xoxo

leaves on north campus.