Sunday, March 7, 2010

yours truly

preparations for future career(-ish) plans have forced me to look back on some of my old writings. 2 years ago i wrote a short little piece all about me that i thought might be a good way to better introduce myself...

i am meg.
three simple letters.

I live for summer. I love the way it feels when you walk out of a cold restaurant into the sweltering southern heat. I don’t trust a skinny cook, or anyone who says they don’t like sweet tea. I love the coast and a cool sea breeze. Purple sunsets over the marsh never fail to leave me stunned.

Starry Night” by Van Gough is my favorite.

I get excited when I find a place with good burgers and wings.

Where I come from, sunburns are an accomplishment and everything edible always ends up deep fried. The house I grew up in smells like cookies and detergent and I miss it every day. I never go a night’s sleep without dreaming. I love laughing at absolutely nothing and I always have a grin on my face. I realize everyday just how much I am turning into my mother. It terrifies me, and still brings me a smile every time. My closest friends are my foundation and I would not be the person I am today without them.

I have never gotten stitches or broken any bones (knock on wood). Music is a strong passion of mine. I believe it can intensify any imaginable emotion. I love the smell of salt water and marsh grass. I love being home alone and most always use that valuable time to dance when nobody’s watching (preferably naked). I pride myself on making some pretty amazing cupcakes and a mean Kahlua cheesecake. I absolutely adore children; the wilder the better. I miss the little boys I used to babysit back home, all three blond haired, blue-eyed devils.

I miss our neighborhood dog, Millie, and the way her tail seemed like it would fall off when she wagged it. I miss the way the sand feels between my toes at night and seeing palm trees on a daily basis. I want to speak three languages and travel all over the world. I pray that I love what I do for a living. I want to learn how to play guitar and piano. I want to give an orphaned child a chance at a real life and a happy home. I want to go to Africa and save the world. I realize I want to be as good-hearted as my mother. I want to dance while everyone’s watching, and give my cupcakes to everyone with an empty stomach.

I am Margaret Elizabeth Goggans.

Three complex words.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


is it really march? where does the time disappear to? oh well, at least that means new catalogs from all my favorite places :)



Monday, March 1, 2010

feels like home

spring break is a mere 5 days away, but 5 may as well be 500. it really doesn't help that my father now knows how to operate his camera phone & can snap pictures of my favorite savannah scenery then proceed to email them to me.
really pop?

cruel & unusual {but still beautiful} torture.

in the spirit of the rockstar diaries' "happy lists", i decided to compile my own happy list dedicated to my hometown of savannah, ga.

10 things that make meg blissfully happy:

1.) the smell of salt water & marsh grass.
2.) the sticky, salty feeling you get from the beaches of tybee island.
3.) the way the dense, hot humidity engulfs you as soon as you walk outside.
4.) shrimp boats on the horizon as the sun goes down.
5.) good eats: mom's shrimp & grits, low country boils & oyster roasts.
6.) views of the river from the savannah yacht club.
7.) the way home never really changes.
8.) the sites & shops on broughton street.
9.) the allure & drawl of downtown savannah & all its spanish moss.
10.) driving over 4 bridges {with the sunroof down} just to get home.
maybe 5 days isn't so long to wait for all this. happy monday :)