Friday, April 30, 2010

midnight thoughts

midnight on friday. "pony (it's ok)" by erin mccarley. too many things going through my head to think {student loans in particular}. need chocolate milk.

my friend mackenzie is leaving me & the rest of the state of georgia to return home to california & i'm extremely bummed. california & georgia might be the furthest states apart. she's been such a breathe of fresh air & a blessing to get to know, BUT still a bright side: a reason to explore california & visit at some point. cake-baking for her going away dinner tomorrow.
in an effort to shift my mind from that sad thought, as well as how to go about finding a fitting student loan for NYU, i've stumbled up the shoe i've been wanting.

other thoughts: i now want a rinky-dink polaroid camera for when i do go to new york. i'll be taking a schmancy photography class with a quality camera, but these seem to have so much more character.

also decided that i'm moving to hawaii after graduation and selling beach chairs.

on another note: i just remembered how much i appreciate song lyrics. example...
jason mraz {yes, i was skeptical at first too}: "beautiful mess"

your style is quite selective

though your mind is rather reckless.

well I guess it just suggests that,

this is just what happiness is.

hey, what a beautiful mess this is.

it's like picking up trash in dresses

on that note, i'm off to bed. happy weekend.

images via: target & rockstar diaries

Thursday, April 29, 2010

blue skies

last day of classes, 70 degree weather & not a cloud in the sky. anticipation for summer is building, as is stress & worry over micellanious things {tests, money, flights, ect.} times like this, breathing is key & blue skies are helpful. on top of the important things i have to prioritize, my head flooded with thoughts of water, salt air, & family time to maintain sanity.






images via: the skinny, teen vogue, simply seductive

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

let the baking begin

just got home from my first taste of finals season. {i also have a 3D project due at 6:30 & drawing class in 30 minutes, nooot really sure why i'm blogging?}
regardless, finals season means stress baking :)
like i've said, always a silver lining.

so, instead of getting my materials for my welding wire project together at the last minute like i should, i'm trying to figure out what form of chocolate i can bake for the roomies to get through the last week of school.

we made 2 batches of these chocolate ganache cupcakes in full-on cake form during finals last year. {gone in maybe 2 hours. }

leave it to paula dean to add another notch of irrestistable gluttony to dessert.

not that i have a problem with that.

brownies are always the easiest option.

but maybe too simple to fully distract my mind from my studies.

aaaand the winner this season is: "hopped-up" caffeine-rich chocolate cupcakes.
two birds, one cupcake. stress-relief+chocolate & coffee? done & DONE.

Monday, April 26, 2010

blush & bashful

and so it is, Monday that is. the transition from the weekend was made fairly smoothly. sunday night was spent with the roomies, stuffing our facing with oven-baked "french fries" & watching desperate housewives & steel magnolias. not a bad way to wrap up the weekend at all.

the weather today {windy with a bit of chill} is a pleasant reminder of just how sweet summer is. but, for now, it is the perfect temperature for studying upstairs at starbucks downtown with a chai latte & a snug sweater.


song of today: "mushaboom" by fiest.

the remix with postal service.

this is where i would prefer to be doing my studying. COZY.

so many drawings/paintings due. giselle makes it look so much fancier {& without the mess that seems to cover all of my clothes now days}.

images via: Jak & Jil, Desire to Inspire, Elle, 100 Layer Cake

Friday, April 23, 2010

orange you glad it's FRIDAYYY

cheesy title, but it seemed fitting. the weekend has arrived, which means 13 days until summer break & that much closer to new york. for now, there's projects & drawings galore. the only highlight of the end of the semester is late-nights of delirious laughter & binge-eating greasy chinese food with the roomates. {always a silver lining}

distractions for friday: ORANGE

my favorite color from middle-school is becoming my rediscovered favorite color.



images via: olsens anonymous, french vogue calendar, sea of shoes, the new yorker

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

home life

over the weekend, my good friend mackenzie & i ventured to my homeland of savannah. mack was seduced by the small town when she briefly attended SCAD, & wanted to take a mini-vacation there before she left to go home to california.
before we even got in the car, i had mapped out our every destination & our every meal.

saturday morning meant the beaches of tybee island with my parents, boiled peanuts from davis produce & beer.

sunday was dedicated to downtown. we perused the painting exhibit at the jepson center, the vintage clothes & up-and-coming SCAD student designs at civvies, & my favorite place on broughton street, the paris flea market.

mack bought a handful of old polarids for $1 that she's going to make into cute, little glass coasters, while i snagged an vintage black dress for $20 tucked in the downstairs basement.

all in all: sucessful day!

we left early monday morning to drive the 4 hours back to reality & my lovely roomies. i missed them :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

my friend jan & T.G.I.T

i'm happy to say, my roommates & i are semi-obsessed with each other {maybe this stems from our shared love of good food, cupcakes & bad t.v.} as summer approaches, we will have to part ways on our own different adventures. i'll be in new york, helen in australia & jennifer is heading to africa to change the world or something like that. jen {or JAN} will be in liberia on a mission trip doing God's will. visit her & donate to a good person doing good things!

jan, you can bring me back a baby elephant please.

on a second note, it's thursday! which in a college town means it's the weekend. i think it may be a red wine evening. sometimes the school week makes me forget what i look like with make-up on. i'm ready to let my hair down & get dressed up :)


images via: banana republic, sea of shoes, w magazine

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


it's no secret that i have a sweet-tooth. actually, that should be plural: i have sweet-teeth. chocolate milk goes down as smoothly as water & ice-cream is most definately its own food group {random musing: what ever happened to the ice-cream truck?!}

baking is my stress-reliever {seen here & here} & we never discriminate when it comes to sugar.

what a cute combo: red lips & strawberry sherbert.

Monday, April 12, 2010

sunny mondays

like the newly blossoming flowers that dot my bus route to class, spring has been a friendly reminder of how good life can be. our apartment has rosemary/orchid "bouquets" on almost every tabletop, tomatoes FINALLY taste exactly the way they should & early-morning walks feel much less like exercise and more like nature walks.

here's to a little monday inspiration.

Friday, April 9, 2010

garden party

First things first, HAPPY WEEKEND! it's 12:30 in the afternoon here in athens & to most that means it's already happy hour. weekends {at least to me} feel just like champagne: bubbly, refreshing & always needed. downtown athens is having their annual international street festival on saturday, which means gyros & fried rice are totally fine at 10:30 in the morning. love it.

another lovely thing to toast to: the h&m garden collection. a breathe of fresh air.

the only accessory i plan to use is a nice tan after a day of magazines at the pool.

this collection just looks like it feels relaxing.

white dress: spring has sprung.

images via: apartment 34 and h&m

Thursday, April 1, 2010

big apple dreaming

SO, it has been quite a while since my last post. i blame spring break & warm weather.
{oh, & st. patrick might have been to blame as well}
in either case, i have tres exciting news! because my parents are miracle-workers & love me more than i even realize, they've given me the opportunity to live for 6 weeks in NEW YORK FRIGGIN' CITY! i'll be taking a photography class at new york university as well as having my own big city adventures (including turning the big 2-1).

living in new york has always been a dream of mine since i was a little girl. i love the dirty smell of the concrete & the food from all of the vendors that dot the streets. while 6 weeks may not last long, it should quench my dream thirst at least until graduation.

i'm excited to traipse around central park, hail cabs, eat way too much pizza, falafel & cheesecake & be a small-town southern girl in an ocean of faces. when i think new york, i think glamour, carrie bradshaw & a collison of culture & chaos. {PURE EXCITEMENT}

images via: audrey hepburn complex, green wedding shoes, apartment 34, & Italian Vogue