Thursday, June 24, 2010

sleepless in new york

maybe it was the city lights or the sadness that comes with the end of our adventure, but for some reason my eyes will not shut tonight. it's roughly 4 a.m & the last night i will spend in this little nyu dorm that has become my temporary home :(
we decided our last night should be done in style, thus it began at otto {mario batalli's restaurant in greenwich village} we ordered a bottle of pinot grio & a simple pizza with a fried egg on top.
after dinner we hailed a cab & made our way to 350 5th avenue, the empire state building. we've been putting this tourist trap on the back burner of our trip, but as a tribute to nyc we decided it would be a proper way to say goodbye from the tallest point in the city.
after an unexpectedly long wait in line & lots of velvet ropes & elevators, we finally made it to the top. the neon lights & clear sky was perfection & ended up being one of my favorite memories of our grand adventure.

overlooking all the streets, cars & people, we took everything in one last time.

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