Sunday, June 6, 2010

country come to town.

they say no man is an island, but when manhattan is that island i think man could very well survive on his own & do it in style. there's essentially nothing this city doesn't have that's usually right down the street. everything is at your fingertips, especially at the local farmer's market in union square park. the produce is relatively cheap, but the smells are always free. it's nice to know that even with the hustle bustle of the city, a little rustic charm is available every saturday.
fresh strawberries driven in from connecticut.
apples from pennsylvania that come with complimentary samples.

organic eggs.

i've never noticed if peonies are very prevelant in the south, but they seem to be the big apple's stylish flower of choice.

but still, a hint of the city remains.

canvas screenprints of the flat iron building.

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