Monday, June 21, 2010

"we are going to sit in giant teacups & spin round in circles until we puke"

what is there to say about coney island? well, i suppose it is a true new york right of passage. something that needs to be done once & never again unless you're drunk. maybe i'm just being a beach snob who's too accustomed to tybee island summers, but i don't think large jars of hair gel are a necessity in a beach bag. nontheless, mary & i had a great time giving in to our more childlike sides all afternoon.
the weather was perfect for a little stroll on the crowded beach.

we underestimated the heights of this famous wooden roller coaster until we both found ourselves screaming the whole way down.

a nathan's hot dog & cheese fries at sunset=success.

our last activity & my favorite of the day {it even surpassed the tea cups!}: the wonder wheel. once we finally made it to the top of this ginormous ferris wheel, the views were well worth the 45 minute subway ride.

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